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October 30, 2022

De-risking product launch using the MVP approach

Business Analyst & Implementation Manager

Dzmitry Yaltykhau

An experienced product owner able to identify business and user needs, collaboratively design top notch requirements and support the client team in solution implementation and successful adoption.

Developing software is indeed a task, but how you launch it decides its fate. The digital world has thrived over time for better reasons - before, businesses usually took at least a month to launch the software, but considering the cut-throat business environment, you can't afford to wait for even a month to release new features into the hands of ever-demanding customers. And this can also put your software at high risk if you do it recklessly.

The biggest mistake businesses make while launching software is releasing all the features in one go, foreseeing nothing.

Hence, it's important to de-risk software by streamlining your launch. Fabric Group advises you to follow the best MVP practices to align your launch strategies with your customers' needs and demands

  • Start with the minimum functionality: Identify the simplest way to address the biggest users' needs. Target one feature at a time to reach your users and eventually add features to keep them engaged
  • Define the minimum user groups: Start with one key market segment for your MVP, and expand further to other markets and target groups
  • Establish the software category: Specify the software category - sell/buy, game, education, travel, entertainment or any other, as a part of the MVP launch. And then progressively expand it to support other categories 

Building an MVP can prevent a lot of pitfalls and validate your ideas, as it encourages you to gather feedback from your potential customers and identify what they truly expect from your software. 

Check these benefits before you embrace MVP in your software launch strategies. 

  • Analyze the software demand - Stop assuming, start analyzing! An MVP will help you analyze the demand for your software. It will boost your understanding of current market performance and risks to meet the needs of potential users by minimizing risks and maximizing performance
  • Test and improve software usability - Downloads and purchases can't define success if your users aren't using software anymore. Using MVP, you can analyze user behavior to make necessary improvements before investing to make users happy about the software
  • Early feedback enhances software: You can launch software with limited functionalities and test it on early adopters. Use their feedback to focus on building software your users love by fixing the problems they face. Users will love the enhanced software versions based on their feedback and opinions 
  • Ensure faster release in the market: With increasing market competition, launching software comes with a lot of time hesitations and doubts. While an MVP shortens this entire software journey by several times. The sooner you launch the software, the faster you'll get users' feedback, and the quicker you'll act on it
  •  Minimize risks and costs: Instead of putting a lot of money, time, and effort into developing and launching software that users may not like, use MVP to launch with a few functionalities, lower risks, and higher user engagement. Based on their feedback, invest in further development and improvement. This will also enhance the chances of users loving it more

With all the MVP benefits, you can do what exactly is needed to stand-out the competition as it helps you analyze the market, competitors, and the users. 

Embrace MVP today to improve your software launch game.


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