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March 15, 2021

Why You Should Make Usability Maintenance A Priority

The work of a software development firm is never linear. Modern interfaces and user experience have so many branches that need to be considered to make an application or program that works well. Design thinking is the foundation of all user-centred design, as this promotes great experiences and usability for users.

However, designs are never a fire-and-forget aspect of creating new software. Modern applications require plenty of optimisation and maintenance work, which is the arduous task of user-centred design. Nobody wants to delve into the world of usability maintenance, as this is one of the more tedious parts a software development firm needs to do. However, this process is essential in boosting usability and improving the user experience for people using the program. Here’s why maintenance is vital for usability:

What Comes With Usability Maintenance?

Design thinking continually evolves, and as trends of user experience and interfaces shift, software developers have to meet these changes. Great design means challenging previously made decisions to add improvements and optimisations. However, usability maintenance usually doesn’t exist until the structure becomes outdated and overall functionality drops. Meeting these deficiencies means revamping certain software areas with user-centred design methodologies and usability testing to improve the look-and-feel and function to meet users’ requirements.

Usability illustration

Usability maintenance will require a software development firm to challenge previous designs and create new ones that fit users’ modern trends and needs. Anything that has a function or task-based will eventually require maintenance, which is a fact of design thinking and life. As time progresses, many things become obsolete, which will require changes and fixes to restore things to top-tier usability. 

It’s More Than Just Fixing Broken Items On Software

Software maintenance is a fundamental role in its entirety because it doesn’t entail just fixing broken links or processes on a website or application. Sometimes, design theories will require extensive fixes and even an overhaul. Think about how Facebook’s social media platform evolved, and you’ll see how design thinking brings usability maintenance to a whole new level. 

Facebook was initially a single app that had everything embedded in it. If you see their user interface, it has created Messenger as a standalone application and other items like Facebook Gaming as its proprietary platform. This transition is an example of usability maintenance and evolution of software design. They moved to fill the need of various users by making significant changes that allowed them to remain relevant. 

In software development, usability maintenance pushes user experience and boosts interface design to make the software more prominent and easier to use. Outdated application design thinking often gets developers nowhere. Each year, users become more demanding as the software landscape becomes richer and no longer tolerate sub-par user experiences. 

Why You Need Usability Maintenance In 2021

2021 will have people on their devices and favourite apps more often than before. Since the pandemic is still quite real, many will continue to rely heavily on programs and software to get things done. If applications do not invest in usability maintenance per year, they will likely lose users because of flawed designs and lack of optimisation. 

Investing in software development means that you serve users’ needs and try to solve their daily problems in the quickest way possible. The basis of user experience design is to find ways to make software and products look amazing while preserving their functionality. Otherwise, this is not considered good design. 


Usability maintenance and usability testing are critical in designing software. There are always changes needed to keep up with the fast pace of modern business, technologies and changing users’ needs, which means keeping software up to date is vital. Investing time and effort into maintaining software will improve any application’s overall user experience and functionality. 

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