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March 1, 2021

Why Product Thinking Is the Key to Creating a Great User Experience

User experience is a design field that focuses on making people’s daily lives better through developing interfaces. The world has shifted heavily into consumerism and technology, and the most successful products of today have heavy investments in design thinking processes. 

User experience design is a systematic and data-driven process that requires plenty of analytical skills and research. User-centred design uses the information gathered during fieldwork and research to create products tailored to consumers’ needs. Without putting efforts into design thinking, products won’t have substance and won’t be optimised for use. Here is why products have to be well-thought-out to ensure maximum usability mixed with the right design:

The User-Centered Design Process

Considering the user is always the first step to crafting anything. Whether it’s a product or service, people will use them to solve a problem or fill an innate need. Design thinking means looking for methods to craft useful items or software, and the centre of each step is always the consumer. 

Design thinking methodologies are often daring moves that businesses take to provide their clients with something unique and workable. A service that has an incredible user interface that has changed throughout the years is PayPal. The past decade had people view it with scepticism. The product has since improved their user experience design making their app easier to use and even easily linked with other business websites through their APIs, creating a consistent experience across many channels. Many users opt for PayPal when completing international transactions rather than their local debit or credit cards, which often incur excessive fees. This simplicity and experience consistency helped PayPal stay competitive in a growing market and maintain the title of the world’s biggest online payment platform.

Thinking on your feet is the trick to producing some of the best user-centred design pieces, and if data and statistics are part of the picture, you have a more robust product. Having a whole process present to solve problems is the key to succeeding in user experience design. Oversaturated markets can often be an issue for most modern businesses, but offering unique items can be the key to captivating users’ attention. 

Form and Functionality Are Key Players

In the modern user-centred design process, products have to work as well as they look. Interfaces have to solve daily problems with ease, so people use software products. Similarly, products need to solve an innate need or want in people, capturing attention and making them irresistible to the consumer. 

The design process has to consider many aspects to create well-made products off the bat. While traditional product thinking had fewer things to think about to get a product out into the market, the modern age of design thinking needs to keep up with the competition. Today, every business needs to consider the competitors they have in their industry, which means creating a new product will require extensive research and development. 

A meaningful design looks good on the eyes and feels good to the touch, integral in today’s design processes. User experience means that a product is beautiful to look at and just as buttery-smooth to use. Additionally, people’s experiences with a product will require lots of management and innovation to keep moving forward. It’s innovate-or-die in the design world, and getting complacent is a death sentence. 


The user-centred design process is an arduous one that requires plenty of data and statistics over just aesthetic design. All of the visual elements added to software won’t mean anything without the unique data behind each design decision to ensure its effectiveness. Blindly designing products is often detrimental to the end-product, so ensure that you conduct design thinking methodologies before prototyping, mockups or most of all, developing software. 

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