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March 5, 2021

Why High-Quality Software Is More Than Just Code

The world has new methods to discover knowledge, and anyone can pick up the skills to code and find work with a software development company. It’s not always as easy as typing in numbers and coding lines because there’s a lot of design thinking that needs to be considered to create quality applications.

Developer Writing Code

People rely heavily on software and applications to survive daily. Nobody can live a day without their devices to connect to the internet or communicate with their friends and family. Work relies on plenty of software applications, and entire industries survive because of these digital masterpieces of numbers and coding lines. Software consulting companies are dubbed the business world’s future, which isn’t a far-fetched statement. 

However, in creating apps and using computer science, software quality assurance isn’t always prioritised. Here’s why software quality assurance is more than just having well-structured code:

The Deep Language of Coding

Code, in its many languages and forms, is almost like gibberish to the untrained eye. However, proficient software engineers can spot errors and craft incredible products using their skills in the field. These projects that they take up are typically multi-level and never linear. Everything from analysis, development, testing, deployment, and regular maintenance makes it an arduous task that requires good code practices to function correctly. 

Software development is just like any other product. While it’s an intangible aspect of technology, it requires quality control as much as anything manufactured does. Too many software consulting companies miss out on high-quality code, damaging clients’ applications. Coding should never be rushed to achieve results, as this is an entire infrastructure that can come crashing down if something is even just marginally off-centre. 

What Constitutes Quality Coding?

You can measure quality coding differently, but the golden trio is readability, predictability, and ease of maintenance.

Firstly, code has to be readable, which must also remain consistent throughout the stages of development. Clearer code allows the rest of the software to accomplish its goals. One way to achieve this is through simple, easily documented lines.

Secondly, software quality assurance requires predictability. No programmer or software engineer wants volatile code that can come crashing down anytime. The lines must be reliable and robust, making bugs easy to spot and dealt with without risking the whole system frying. 

Lastly, a good quality software code has to be easy to maintain and scalable. Apps and software require plenty of updates to stay compatible with newer versions of devices and computers. Because of this, you’ll often need to maintain the code and its lines. Having intricate lines that don’t make much sense will always be a complicated fix, and scaling up and down will be challenging. 

So, Why Does It Matter?

Dealing with clients who are paying top-dollar for applications will always want the best out of a software development company’s services. Quality code ensures that an app is stable and will not be unresponsive at the worst times. Any errors in software functionality can cost companies millions of dollars in damages or revenue losses. 

Suppose a company selling a high-valued item had a client purchase it and had their website code crash during the transaction. Either the user gets charged twice or cannot purchase the product, missing out on a sale. Big or small, this damages a company’s reputation, which is why having software with little-to-no bugs is critical. 


If you’re planning to set up software or an application bound to make millions of dollars in revenue, you’ll want to ensure that you only get the best software quality. There’s usually only one shot at making a good impression in software development, so be sure to invest in the industry’s best companies. 

Fabric Group is a software development company in Australia that works with clients to provide custom software solutions. Our team is well-equipped to handle various app development elements and are ready to provide you with quality assurance. Get in touch with us to learn more about our work in the field of usable technologies. 


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