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July 27, 2021

The Most Efficient Way to Launch a Product Quickly

How to prepare to launch your new product into the market.

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The software and app development market has become drastically competitive in recent years, and businesses find it challenging to stand out from all the noise from the competition. Every time a software development company or an organisation needs to introduce a new product, they need to make certain preparations for the launch to go smoothly and successfully.

How Do I Ensure a Smooth Product Launch?

If you want your software launch to gain the traction it needs at launch, here are some useful tips you should consider:

1. Conduct a Soft Launch

You have an untested product in your hands, and you’re not sure how your audience will react to it. This is where a soft launch could come in handy for you. Whenever a new restaurant opens, a soft opening is almost always part of the plan. This is an excellent opportunity to work out some of the kinks in their live service, or in your case, any bugs or unseen glitches left in the program.

A soft launch may involve working with an existing customer or collaborating with one salesperson in one region to limit the scope of the introduction. You can also follow a similar model as video games launching their titles in a limited open beta test format. Whatever way you choose to do your soft launch, you need to present the latest iteration of your software so users can test it out and give you feedback to make any final adjustments. After that, you can modify your product based on the feedback and have your software quality assurance team examine it.

2. Build a Communications Plan

Any new product that’s about to be launched needs a well-thought-out communications plan. This will make sure the right people are informed of your new product, and they are prepared to cover and follow its development and release. An effective communications plan should include:

  • Development of a series of sales presentations designed for different markets
  • Publishing a press release that shows the value of the services taken from the feedback you’ve received during your soft launch
  • Inclusion of a briefing for the company’s executives with talking points that they can refer to and use when they are asked by news organisations, customers, as well as fellow developers and software consulting companies during the launch

3. Train your Launch Team

You are launching a new product that hasn’t been seen by a lot of people yet, which makes you the only expert on it. Make sure everyone involved in the launch is trained enough to use the product or know its key features and value offering. From the delivery team to the sales and marketing team, they need to be able to stand as advocates and experts of your newly introduced software package. They should be able to answer any questions aimed towards them by potential customers and investors.

4. Execute with Precision

Now that you’ve made all the necessary preparations, it’s time for execution. Your new product should be ready and introduced with energy and fanfare at a special event like a user conference, a trade event, or a convention. For maximum impact, all the elements of the launch should come together and build up the hype. Your marketing team should have new collateral materials ready for publishing and distribution, while your social media and website should have the product already listed. Finally, your company’s executives should be primed to talk to customers, the press, and analysts to discuss your software’s features and how it serves your customer’s needs.


There’s no secret formula in ensuring the success of any new app or software product. However, you can take certain steps to ensure everything goes smoothly and hope that your customers will support the launch. These four simple steps should help you achieve just the next time you attempt to launch a new product.

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