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June 4, 2021

How to Create an Appealing Design for Customer Delight

Delivering a good user experience is everyone’s top priority. One of the main concepts that can help create a good website or web app is by incorporating customer delight. Granted, the lines might be a little blurred about how that could be achieved as the term keeps taking a new shape in almost every article.

An illustrated user journey representing customer delight

Here’s a small three-step guide to help designers and business owners determine how to make an appealing design and provide a great customer experience.

1. Understand What Customer Delight Is

Customer delight is achieved when you have a design that causes clients to have a pleasing reaction from viewing and using your platform. It’s a common misconception to think that customer delight is all about causing an ecstatic feeling. Although that is a welcomed reaction, that really isn’t the case.

The goal of customer delight isn’t to put random elements or cute additions in a web design to cause the user to smile, but rather to fix a problem your customers didn’t know they had. As someone responsible for the design, you want to surpass your customer’s expectations and deliver something they didn’t think they needed.

Many brands strive to deliver customer delight in their products, services and design. It’s often a critical thing to create more innovation and inventions to help a customer feel heard and valued. One example would be Nike and its exceptionally high score for customer satisfaction and reputation. Their Nike Go FlyEase shoes require no hands and are great for people with disabilities who may struggle with getting their footwear on by themselves. 

2. Communicate Clearly with Your Clients

It’s imperative to figure out what your client expects of the design, so you know how to best deliver. As a digital designer, it’s important to gather your customer’s insight about what they want or need. This knowledge is vital when you’re trying to develop a good and practical design that can trigger customer delight.

Be completely transparent and send a direct survey or email to ask for feedback about what they need. You can also conduct market and user research in order to find out what your audience thinks and what can be improved on the current output. Remember that a fully optimised website for customer delight focuses on the user and their needs.

3. Go the Extra Mile in Your Digital Design

Customer delight can exist in a lot of spaces for different industries, and that includes digital. It’s essential to focus on the details and think about how you can deliver a better user experience and impact on the minutes a client spends on your platform. It can be jarring to think about, but it provides you perspective about things you must include.

When you have a good foundation down, develop good fundamental micro-interactions that boost the usability of your website and improve customer experience. It isn’t just about visuals but also about incorporating functionality as well. 


In summary, customer delight is all about delivering what your customers need and putting in the effort to make a product, service or design as usable as possible. By undergoing a user-centred design process, it’ll be easier to understand and cater to your clientele moving forward.

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