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December 26, 2019

2019 Recap

Co-founders · CEO & COO

Laurent Behan & Simon Greed

In 2019 we focused on shifting and strengthening our foundations in preparation for another decade of exponential advancement in the technology sector. 

In February we introduced practices to guide our key disciplines. The 5 practices include Delivery, Experience Design, DevOps & Cloud, Learning and Quality Assurance. These practices represent our renewed focus for 2020. We grew our front-end capabilities to meet industry demands for seamless user experiences and became gurus in creating living style-guides and developing design systems. Our DevOps explored a new realm of cloud computing, becoming some of the first to use AWS CDK to write infrastructure as code.

The arrival of our new client services team boosted our ability to empower our customers. Helping them discover new strengths and potential through design thinking workshops and increased communication channels.

In May we began utilising the power of data to analyse our employee’s satisfaction. We now release monthly surveys that aim to identify what’s important to our employees. The real-time insights gained from this technology allow us to quickly adapt to expectations. We then re-built our organisational structure to a more robust model that supported a culture of continuous feedback. 

We created our Meetup group ‘Being Agile Melbourne’ to share our expertise with the world. So far we have delivered workshops on design thinking, test-driven development and held a webinar on AWS CDK. In October we revamped our website and created a more scalable site that allows us to post insights and share information freely. 

In 2020 we will continue to strengthen our core practices with high-quality talent, we will prioritise equality by hiring more female talent and we will provide services that allow humanity to progress sustainably. 


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