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March 8, 2024

Fabric's Finest: Shining a Spotlight on Our Women in Tech

As we celebrate International Women's Day, we take a moment to honour and spotlight some of the incredible women of Fabric Group who inspire us daily with their brilliance, dedication, and innovation.

Yes, we're talking about the amazing women in our team who not only excel in their roles but also keep surprising us with their talents, quirks, and the diverse inspirations they draw from. So, we decided to ditch the formalities and dive into some fun (and slightly nosy) questions to get to know them beyond their job titles. From uncovering hidden talents to finding out which fictional female character they're secretly channelling during team meetings, we've got the scoop that’s bound to make you see these familiar faces in a whole new light. Ever wondered which one of us would love to have dinner with Cleopatra, or who harbours a secret wish to teleport?

Join us in this part one of a fun-filled tribute to the women of Fabric Group, who not only shape our present but are also paving the way for a more inclusive and exciting future!

Alicia Duong

Alicia is a UX/UI Designer at Fabric, wielding her creative magic to make our digital experiences as smooth as silk. Her dream superpower? The ability to instantly absorb and retain information - a real-life "Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V" for skills and knowledge. Picture this: one glance at a book or a brief listen to a conversation, and voila, she's an instant expert. She believes this power would let her master any skill at warp speed. Talk about having your brain on broadband while the rest of us are buffering!

Niloofar Izadi

Niloofar our Senior Business Analyst at Fabric, lights up the room and the dance floor with her passion for salsa dancing. Beyond the rhythms and moves, Niloofar draws immense inspiration from Anousheh Ansari, the trailblazing Iranian-American engineer whose journey to space shattered ceilings of glass and expectations alike.

Given a magical wish, Niloofar would choose the freedom of flight and for an evening of deep conversation and reflection, Niloofar dreams of dining with Forough Farrokhzad, Iran's iconic poet and filmmaker. Farrokhzad's pioneering spirit in poetry and cinema, tackling themes of love, femininity, and justice, marks her as a beacon of bold expression in a time and place that often silenced such voices.

Niloofar also finds a profound connection with Scheherazade from "One Thousand and One Nights." Scheherazade's intelligence and creativity, her life hanging in the balance each dawn, highlight her as a master of storytelling's power to transform, challenge, and ultimately, save.

Yanmei Tang

Yanmei is our HR Lead at Fabric, When asked about a woman who inspires her, Yanmei shone the light on Sanmao. The writer's autobiographical and travel narratives, coupled with her defiance of conservative societal norms, deeply inspire Yanmei. She admires Sanmao's courage to live authentically in a conformist world. This inspiration informs Yanmei's approach to HR, blending wisdom and authenticity in her leadership style.

Palak Dhawan

Meet Palak, Senior Consultant at Fabric Group. Palak is the go-to expert in untangling the complex knots of business challenges. With a knack for diving deep into the intricacies of client processes, she crafts tailored technical solutions that not just fit but enhance their unique business landscapes.

Palak’s dinner guest of choice? None other than New Zealand's Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern. Palak admires Ardern's blend of empathy, decisiveness, and commitment to progressive leadership, eager for insights into her approach to navigating the helm of governance amidst crises and triumphs.

Currently, Palak finds a kindred spirit in the Australian cartoon character Bluey's mum. Amidst the journey of raising a 20-month-old, Bluey's mum's portrayal resonates with her due to the strength, resilience, and the unwavering support she provides to Buey throughout their journey. Much like her, Palak values the importance of nurturing relationships and offering steadfast encouragement to those she cares about.

Isabelle Greed

Isabella is a User Experience Designer at Fabric. She draws inspiration from the everyday heroics of mothers mastering the art of balance. When asked about her dream dinner guest, Isabella cherishes the idea of gathering around the table with her close friends and family over any celebrity encounter. Her chosen superpower? Teleportation, to effortlessly navigate the world, embodying her desire for ultimate freedom and exploration, minus the travel tribulations.

Neha Rahaman

Neha helps steer the ship as Partner and Head of Delivery at Fabric, where her leadership blends seamlessly with innovation. But here's a fun twist - Neha can recite movie or book dialogues with pitch-perfect emotion, making her the star entertainer on any road trip.

Drawing inspiration from the heart of her family, Neha looks up to her Grandma, whose calming advice and encouragement have been her guiding light. It's this blend of wisdom and warmth that Neha carries into her leadership style.

In the realm of fiction, Neha resonates with Princess Leia from Star Wars. Admiring Leia for her assertive and rebellious spirit, along with her unwavering leadership, Neha sees a reflection of her own aspirations in this iconic character's journey.

Laura Shackleton

Laura is our Employee Engagement Specialist at Fabric, dedicates her talents to nurturing a positive and engaging work environment. Laura's superpower of choice speaks volumes about her character: she dreams of mastering every language in the world. Motivated by a deep-seated value for inclusivity, Laura feels this ability would bridge gaps, allowing her to connect with everyone, everywhere.

Olivia Baker

Olivia Baker is a Lead Consultant and designated Troublemaker at Fabric, where her expertise isn't just about solving problems but also about creating vibrant, inclusive communities. 

Outside work, she channels her passion into running the community for the game Factorio, a role she finds immensely rewarding for its ability to foster engagement and equality.

Olivia's source of inspiration is close to her heart—her mum. Despite facing numerous challenges, her mother's resilience and undying commitment to enhancing the lives of those around her have deeply influenced Olivia. This example has taught her the value of perseverance and the importance of making a positive impact.

If Olivia could choose a superpower, it would be the ability to inspire and break barriers effortlessly. Given the societal challenges she's faced and those still on the horizon, the power to not only navigate her own obstacles but also to empower others to conquer theirs would be her ultimate aspiration.

In the world of fiction, Olivia feels a strong connection to Nimona, admiring her unabashed self-expression and confidence. Nimona's journey, marked by the pursuit of societal acceptance, mirrors Olivia's own endeavours towards self-realization and the quest to live authentically amidst prevailing norms.

Eva Wang

Eva works in Talent Acquisition at Fabric, drawing inspiration from her mom's unwavering support and guidance. If given a choice of superpower, Eva would choose the ability to fly, craving the freedom and endless possibilities that come with soaring through the skies.

Kate Behan

Kate Behan keeps the events at Fabric lively and unforgettable as our Events Manager. She operates on a unique philosophy where her favourite answer is "Yes!"—a testament to her positive, can-do attitude.

Kate draws inspiration from the remarkable Julie Bishop, admiring her for being not just a figure of intelligence and eloquence but also for her dual passion for fitness and fashion—a blend of strength, style, and substance.

If Kate could wield any superpower, it would be the magic to manifest supernatural forces. Imagine the possibilities of bringing the extraordinary into the everyday, a skill quite fitting for someone who turns event visions into reality. Her dream dinner guest? Audrey Hepburn. Kate is captivated by Hepburn's adaptability, iconic style, and idealistic nature, seeing her as a symbol of timeless elegance and grace. 

Apurva Karve

Apurva is a Senior Consultant in App Development at Fabric. Beyond her tech-savvy skills, Apurva harbors a passion for Bharatanatyam, an Indian classical dance form, showcasing her artistic side that not many are aware of.

Inspiration for Apurva comes from a familiar source - her mother, whose resilience and graceful handling of life's challenges with a smile have left a lasting impression. Her mother's ability to face adversity with kindness and dignity motivates Apurva to approach her own obstacles with similar grace.

If granted a superpower, Apurva would choose invisibility. The allure of traveling the world fee-free and safeguarding herself from danger, coupled with her love for Harry Potter, makes invisibility an enchanting choice.

Elise Greed

Elise is the Mobility Manager at Fabric, and she’s also unofficially crowned for mixing the best Aperol Spritz in town. But here’s a heavyweight fun fact: Elise brought into the world a champion baby weighing 5.225 kilos, a record among her acquaintances and a story that surely needs to be heard.

Elise's dream superpower? A cosmic relocation service for the mean-hearted, envisioning a world where kindness reigns supreme by simply moving negativity to another planet.

If given the chance to share a meal with any famous woman, Elise’s heart is set on Frida Kahlo. Fascinated by Frida’s resilience and the profound impact of her work amidst personal and societal adversities, Elise imagines a dinner conversation as vibrant and enriching as Kahlo’s art. And, secretly, she hopes Frida’s culinary skills were as extraordinary as her painting prowess!

Simran Pal

Simran is a Senior Consultant and Developer at Fabric, has a knack for spinning captivating tales, marking her as the team's go-to storyteller. She finds her inspiration not in the tales of the extraordinary but in the everyday lives of common women. The women in Simran's family, with their talent, efficiency, and boundless love, embody the silent heroes who build and sustain the very foundation of society, all without seeking recognition.

For Simran, the essence of womanhood itself holds an inherent superpower. Yet, if granted the chance to choose another, she'd wish for the ability to uplift and empower those around her, enhancing the strength and potential within each individual she encounters.

Alison Shan

Alison is our meticulous Payroll Accountant at Fabric, harbors a secret passion that might surprise you: she's an avid LEGO enthusiast, outpacing even her boys in her love for the colorful bricks.

Inspiration for Alison comes from an admirable figure close to her personal life - Dr. Nisha Brown, her boys' Occupational Therapist. Despite being diagnosed with ADHD as a child, Dr. Brown has risen to support children with special needs, embodying the message that underestimating oneself is never an option and encouraging both kids and parents to dream big.

If Alison could choose a superpower, it would be teleportation. With a world so vast and full of wonders yet to be explored, the ability to instantly travel anywhere would fulfill her deepest desires for adventure and discovery.

Jagriti Sethi

Jagriti Sethi excels as a Senior Consultant-Developer at Fabric, where her skills and dedication make her a pivotal part of the team. When it comes to inspiration, Jagriti looks no further than her own home. Her mother, a beacon of positivity and boundless encouragement, has instilled in her the belief that the sky's the limit while keeping her feet firmly on the ground. This blend of aspiration and humility, coupled with an awe-inspiring zest for life, is what drives Jagriti to excel in her personal and professional endeavours.

In wrapping up our spotlight on the fabulous women of Fabric, it’s clear we’ve got quite the crew—from LEGO aficionados and salsa dancers to aspiring teleports and community troubleshooters. It’s not every day you find a team that can balance books, break into impromptu dance, and potentially move mean people to another planet, all before lunchtime. Yet, amidst the fun facts and superhero dreams, a common thread of inspiration, resilience, and empowerment ties their stories together.

But let’s not forget, as much as we celebrate our own, the tech world still has its work cut out in levelling the playing field. Women in tech remain a smaller slice of the pie than we’d hope for in an ideal world. Through sharing these stories, we don't just aim to brag about our amazing team (though, admittedly, they are pretty awesome); we hope to light a spark across the industry. Let's inspire other organisations to recognize the untapped potential and work towards not just filling the gap but ensuring it’s as diverse and vibrant as the world around us.

So, here’s to the women of Fabric, who remind us daily that the blend of brilliance and quirkiness makes for an unbeatable formula. And to the wider tech community, let’s keep pushing for more inclusive workspaces where everyone can thrive. After all, who wouldn’t want a workplace that’s as dynamic, diverse, and downright fun as ours?


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