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March 22, 2021

Fabric remote working tips and guides

Most companies are now using tools for remote calls and workshops. However, remote working is not about the applications you use. It's about adapting your communication and company culture to the constraints of physical distancing.

Remote collaboration and distributed delivery is part of Fabric's DNA. With offices across multiple regions in Australia, China and recently India, our team members managed to keep healthy and productive work relationships. We have perfected distributed delivery and remote collaboration over many years, and we've put together some tips and tricks to a better remote collaboration culture to share.

We have split it into three guides, click on the images below to download them.

10 tips for a better remote collaboration culture

In this short guide, we've collected some of the practices and insight our teams gathered over the years on remote collaboration. From tricks on how to keep a socially connected team or how to effectively collaborate online, this guide should help reduce the impacts of physical distancing while nurturing a better remote working culture.

How to run remote workshops

Everything we know about work is changing, and we need courageous facilitators to broker dialogues between a widening range of stakeholders. We put together some tips, tricks and tools that we use to run remote workshops. From ways to nurture effective communication and collaboration during videoconferences to ideas on how to keep participants motivated, this guide covers most aspects of online workshop facilitation.

How to run remote delivery teams

Effective remote working requires more than a moved Jira ticket or a once a day stand-up. To be successful at remote delivery, teams need to actively mould and improve their processes to suit the remote landscape. Not only should these changes enhance BAU, but they should also consider the culture and connections within teams. In this guide, we have documented our suggestions for running remote delivery teams.  

Remote working will continue to be an inevitable part of the business landscape in the next coming years, these strategies intend to guide you through its challenges and lift your business to an advantageous position. We hope to transform your perception of remote working and encourage all eligible businesses to consider the opportunities it may bring. 


Want to augment your remote collaboration and delivery?

We'd love to hear about your current remote working setup and discuss how we can help you in your flexible working transformation journey.

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