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November 27, 2020

4 Benefits of User-Centred Design in Your Products

What is the secret to success for any user interface design? It is the ability to be user-friendly. This is one of the reasons user-centred design (UCD) is popular because the approach revolves around what people want or need and how a design can satisfy that. 

One of Fabric's UX consultants running an interview session

As you might have imagined, a user-centred design is not exactly easy to create. Plenty of testing and prototyping needs to be done, and failure is quite common. Fortunately, all of these factors help you produce better designs that, slowly and surely, will attract people into using them.

With that in mind, if you still need convincing to take UCD as an approach to user interface designs, here are the benefits that await you:


1. Offers unrivalled user engagement

One of the biggest reasons UCD is great is that it allows you to maximise user engagement. This is because, with UCD, you spend time and effort to identify who will most likely use your products, how they will use them, and why they do. That way, you can adapt your products to satisfy your target customers better, allowing them to take full advantage of what you offer.


2. Promote plenty of new ideas

With so many different needs and wants in your target market, adopting a user-centred mindset will let you come up with a wider range of ideas to satisfy your customers. This is a great benefit to you, as these ideas can all come together into one (or multiple) products that you can offer to fulfil their needs. At the same time, these ideas can also pave the way to new products later down the line that you can cultivate into better products to fulfil your audience's evolving needs.


3. Creates positive user experiences

A positive user experience is vital for many reasons. It helps people see your business in a better light, and it improves your reputation. With UCD, you will find that positive user experiences are easier to achieve. Your users will spend more time using your products, enjoying their features and benefits. And, at the same time, they will recommend your products to other people with similar needs and wants.


4. Acts as a competitive advantage

Competition is everywhere, and the only way your business is going to survive is to rise above it. Every new brand is looking for a way to differentiate themselves from the competition, and you need to have a unique service proposition to secure a portion of the market sustainably. Fortunately, UCD allows businesses to produce quality products that users want to use. In your case, UCD can help you develop and offer products that satisfy the needs of your customers, motivating them to buy from you over other options.


Overall, as customers find out about your products and start using them, its user-centric design will start showing. You will see that more and more people will come to you to inquire about your offerings and purchase your products. At the same time, your business will enjoy more sales and growth, allowing you to produce even more products and spend more time creating solutions to your customers' problems. That being said, note that UCD is no easy approach, and it will take a lot of time and effort to master it!

Having trouble implementing user-centred designs? Work with us today! Fabric offers services to help businesses analyse, design, and deliver custom digital platforms to help generate maximum value.


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