Happiness and Engagement app

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"The result was a fast loading fully functional web app, that met all scoped requirements, whilst also giving us a new outlook on how projects can be run using limited resources and time. We look forward to working with Fabric again in the future."

Rohan Smith, Digital Strategy Manager

At a Glance

  • Fabric builds a web based employee happiness and engagement app, Maxwell, for ENGIE's employees.
  • Maxwell provides ENGIE's human resources and management with trend data on employee happiness, energy levels, and other topical questions.
  • Our 'agile' approach allowed rapid feedback from the Maxwell Team ensuring the most valuable features were completed within the short time available.
  • Serverless cloud based development minimised upfront costs and overheads while providing scalability once in production.


Justifying the time and costs required to build any application is an obstacle especially for proof of concept and other small projects. By reducing the amount of up-front investment required for development and setting up environments you are able to experiment and innovate more freely. For proof of concept projects the overall lifetime and user base of an application might be unknown so the business case for a traditional multi-tier application can be inappropriate.



Fabric quickly developed and deployed a minimal viable product (MVP) web application optimised for tablet/kiosk use in order to gather employee happiness and engagement data.

The project followed an agile approach with daily stand-up meetings and frequent deployments which allowed Fabric to quickly obtain the Maxwell Team's feedback and prioritise features. These features were then potentially implemented, trialled and changed within hours or days.

The use of AWS’s serverless architecture allowed the project to focus on the Maxwell Team’s requirements during development rather than infrastructure and deployment issues, all at negligible cost as the user base was small.

Upon project completion the effort required to deploy the system to multiple environments, its monitoring and scaling was simplified through the use of the AWS serverless infrastructure. Automation of the deployment to AWS by Fabric further enhanced the process making the handover to the Maxwell Team relatively straightforward.


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